Tech Procurement for the Incoming Govvie

Tech Procurement for the Incoming Govvie #

As the Biden-Harris administration transitions into power, hundreds — maybe thousands — of individuals will be thrust into making decisions that will involve procurement. New and returning leaders need to understand how procurement works, and they don’t have time to get formal training. And, quite frankly, the career public servants who are already there don’t have the time to help explain how this works.

We decided to write this book in a serial format, with an eye toward completion early this winter. It’ll be free and open content. It’ll be awesomely nerdy procurement stuff. It will include actionable advice on how to get shit done.

If you think a book on actionable information about how to procure tech in the federal government would be of interest to you or someone you know, please sign up (or encourage them to sign up) for updates below!

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